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chalk ninja characters.PNG
Chalk Ninjas front cover.jpg

Life on the driveway can be tough. And for a chalk ninja, children can be even tougher!

But the heroes in this book will no snap under the pressure and refuse to be ground into dust. The driveway dojo teaches them about the importance of practice, perseverance and pals!

So hit the pavement with Bo, Chuck, Archer and Stubs as they fight their way through bikes, bubbles, water balloons and even boogers!

Draw Wars Cover.jpg

With action, fun and puns, Draw Wars tells of the battle between marker, Arty Hues, and pencil, Izzy Sharp. The winner will decide the “write” way to draw and color – in marker or in pencil – and who will rule the book forever. Draw Wars is full of color, adventure, surprise characters and the realization that we are best when drawn together.

Book 2 Front Cover.jpg

Best friends Arty Hues and Izzy Sharp are back in Draw Wars, Attack of the Art Supplies! Arty, the charismatic marker, and Izzy, the pensive pencil, will put their artistic abilities to the test as they battle chalk ninjas, an alien paintbrush, and one harsh highlighter – all vying for their place in the coloring book. Battle lines have been drawn, and once again the fate of the coloring book hangs in the balance.

book 3 cover.jpg

In this third epic adventure of the Draw Wars series, the heroic marker, Arty Hues, must rescue his pencil pal, Izzy Sharp, from the pen-turned-foe, Matt Black. And this time, Black has a secret, spiraling weapon to unleash his dark pen powers! Will Arty find a way to save Izzy? Is there room enough in the book for everyone? Can a pen be felt? Find out! – in Draw Wars, Return of the Bad Guy!

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